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Frittenden foraged woodland mushroom tart,

Frogdale asparagus, hazelnut & parsley savoury soil, red vein sorrel salad  (V) (vegan & GF version available)

Speciality breads from Margate with English butter


Smoked Beetroot Salad

Smoked Beetroot served with Kentish broad beans, crisp Kale & pine nuts  drizzled with lemon oil’







Smoked Beetroot


Frittenden foraged woodland mushroom tart
Artisan Breads.jpg
Speciality Artisan Breads
Smoked Beetroot
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Main Course

Slow Roasted Shoulder of Saltmarsh lamb with Garden Salsa Verde, balsamic glazed baby onion, pickled blackberries and red wine jus (GF)


Weald chicken supreme, creamed mustard leek, chorizo mousse, basil crisps (GF)


Honey turnip ‘tart tatin’ with smoked heritage beetroots, wilted spinach,

Garden of England herb salsa (V & GF version available)

Fried polenta cake, pepper & chick pea salsa, roasted artichoke (VG & GF)


Freshly buttered new potatoes with flat leaf parsley, glazed Kent bunch carrots and courgette Provençal






Tart (V)

Turnip Tart


Lamb dish.jpg
Slow Roasted Saltmarsh Lamb
WEB Pan fried chicken supreme-725227-edi
Weald Chicken Supreme
Vegetarian Main.jpg
Honey Turnip Tart
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Dessert & Cheeses

A Quintet of Patisserie consisting  of Espresso chocolate mousse, lemon meringue tarts, pear frangipane, pimms jelly, classic Eton mess

To Finish

Kent Blue, Winterdale cheddar, Bowyers brie & Cornish yarg with Kentish pip cider, apple & date chutney, grapes, butter & artisan biscuits

A Quintet of Patisserie


A Quintet of Patisserie







Dessert 3.jpg
A Quintet of Patisserie
The Cheeses
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Table Plan

Approximately one month before the Festival you will be able to view your seating and table allocations. If you are not hosting a table of ten or twelve in your party, you will be sharing a table with others. If you have a preference to sit with guests that are known to you and are also hosting a table less then ten, we will make every effort to seat you together.
To enable us to do this, we have provided below a grid that we would like you to complete to show where you and your party would like to sit in proximity to the table positions. Any other information that you feel may be useful to us, please supply in the Comments & Information box.
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Table of Ten
Table of Twelve
Comments & Information
Seating Proximity
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order additional wine for your meal

We are pleased to inform you that we have provided wine at your table, either red, white or rosé. Each guest can enjoy a couple of glasses  with the meal which is included in the ticket price. Guests can exchange unopened bottles of wine for their preferred style and denomination. Our wine and beverage stewards will be pleased to exchange your unopened bottles. We have negotiated with a vineyard in Bordeaux to purchase some excellent wines that we have shipped from the vineyard to your table. 
Whilst we have purchased more than we require to service each guest's requirements, additional bottles of the wines will be sold on a 'first come first served' basis. Also, there are other wines available from the bar which can be purchased on the night or, if you would like to pre-order the same wines that you will find at your table, you can do so below. 

RED WINE - Château Bauduc Bordeaux Supérieur 2017 (£12.50p per bottle)

WHITE WINE - Château Bauduc Les Trois Hectares blanc 2018 (£12.50p per bottle)

ROSÉ WINE - Château Bauduc Rosé  2018 (£12.50p per bottle)

VEGAN RED - Graffiti Malbec 2018 (£13.00p per bottle)

VEGAN WHITE - Boschendal The Pavillion Chenin Blanc 2018 (£10.00p per bottle)

VEGAN ROSÉ- Crios Malbec Rosé 2017 (£13.00p per bottle)


If you have booked to stay at one of our designated hotels you will find your accommodation information in the section below. For those of you who have booked your rooms independently, please complete the section below this will enable us to ensure that we manage your stay to your complete satisfaction. It will also enable us to allocate seats on our coaches, arrange taxis (if required) or allocate you a parking space if you intend to drive to the Kent Event Centre and showground at Detling. 

If you have not booked a room you can do so by clicking the button opposite and then enter your hotel details in the section below.

Hotel Choices:

Hilton Hotel, Ashford International Hotel, Mercure Great Danes Hotel

I am staying at a hotel prior to the event

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I am staying at:

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Number of Rooms Booked:

Room 1 Guest names:

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Room 2 Guest names:

Room 4 Guest names:

Room 6 Guest names:

Lead Guest Approximate Time of Arrival:

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To ensure that all our guests have transportation to and from the Kent Event Centre and Showground we would like to understand your requirements and your intended method of transport. Could you kindly complete the section below and click the 'Submit' button on completion.

If you have already booked a coach to take you from your hotel to the venue you will see a number in the box below. Please choose a time for your return to your hotel by indicating with an 'X' in either 10:30 or 12:30pm

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10:30 Return
12:30 Return

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I am travelling to the event in my own vehicle and require a parking space

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MOBILITY ASSISTANCE - The ‘Garden of England’ experience takes our guests on a journey that begins at one of two railway stations; ‘Detling Halt’ or ‘Maidstone Cut.' From there you will wander down the ‘Corridors of Light’ and into the 'Enchanted Gardens' where you will experience the four seasons of nature. At the end of this journey you will arrive at our 'Orchard' reception area and bar. For more information please click on the menu item (The Experience). The complete journey is approximately 300 metres in length, for those guests who would find walking this distance difficult, we have organised ‘Perambulator Vehicles’ for your assistance and comfort. To book a place on these vehicles please enter details below and click the ‘Submit’ button below.

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Canterbury Coach Journey from your hotel. Coach- £10.00 per person return

We are sorry that numbers for each of the tours are limited.

Coaches leave designated Hotels at 10am and arrive in Canterbury at 11am. They will leave Canterbury at 3pm prompt, arriving back at Hotels by 4pm.

Due to the timings and length of the tours, it will not be possible to do all three tours. There will only be time for you to do two from the three listed below.

The Coach to Canterbury does not need to be only for the tours. You could, if you wish, 'do your own thing' and just use the coach there and back to go shopping, or have a meal in a local restaurant.

Some parts of Canterbury can be difficult for wheelchair users and some parts of the Cathedral are similarly inaccessible for wheelchairs.

If you have booked you

will see a figure here

Coach departure time:

The number in my party is:

Or click here to book

Canterbury Cathedral tour. (11:30 & 1pm) £10.00 per person charitable donation

Tours will take place at 11.30am & 1pm. The guided tour of the Cathedral will last 90 minutes leaving from and returning to the Butter Market.

The Cathedral is mentioned in Geoffrey Chaucer's book Canterbury Tales and is one of Europe's most important pilgrimage centres as well as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Freemasonry has contributed hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years towards the upkeep of the Cathedral including the installation of two stained glass windows and the restoration of the North West Transept.

I have booked this tour at:

The number in my party is

Or click here to book

Walking Tour of Canterbury City £8.00 per person

Commences and completes at the Butter Market lasting approximately 90 minutes. Tours will take place at 11.30am & 1pm. The tour explores the medieval lanes and alleyways and is conducted by professionally qualified and experienced guides. It explores sites of the ancient city and explains some of the key points around the city.

You will be entertained by tales of many famous historical characters, writers and artists who have lived or visited and the tour guide will describe the history from Roman times to the present day. The heart of Canterbury cannot be accessed by car.

I have booked this tour at:

The number in my party is

Or click here to book

Kent Museum of Freemasonry. Free. Donations are welcome at the Reception Desk

Open to all and located in the heart of Canterbury, you will find the Kent Museum of Freemasonry close to the Westgate Towers.

You will be conducted from the Butter Market to the Museum (approx. 10 minutes) and back to the Butter Market or to the Coach's pick up point, depending on the time of your chosen visit.

'Trip Advisor' has rated this Museum very highly for the last two years.

The museum is a hidden treasure which boasts a rare collection of exhibits of national and international importance. The collection of Masonic material is probably the finest in the UK outside of London. The vast collection of regalia and books covers all Masonic orders through the ages. 

There are two tours planned at the museum - 11:30am and 1:30pm

I have booked this tour at:

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